Cell therapy for Heart Failure


    Cell therapy for osteoarthritis

Cellistem® IC

Heart failure is the heart’s inability to pump a sufficient volume of blood due to primary heart disease and heart deterioration, and is also one of the leading causes of death in the world, according to WHO statistics.

In order to improve the quality of life of patients with Heart Failure, Cells for Cells developed Cellistem® IC, an allogeneic cell therapy based on umbilical cord mesenchymal cells, administered intravenously to the patient on an ambulatory basis. The phase I/II clinical study, published in the prestigious journal Circulation Research was led by the cardiologist Dr. Jorge Bartolucci and resulted in a significant improvement in ventricular ejection capacity (VEC), i.e., the heart’s force to pump blood.

David Meléndez, General Inspector of the School “San Luis” from Coquimbo (Chile), had chronic renal failure, and had to be dialyzed permanently. In 2014 he suffered pneumonia, and after a series of tests, he was diagnosed with Heart Failure. Its VEC was 22%, while the normal reference value should be greater than 50%.

“Physicians told me that I could only have access to palliative treatments, until my heart stopped working. I needed a kidney transplant, but I could not be a candidate due to my Heart Failure, they even took him off the waiting list. In my desperation, I began to investigate and discovered that in Chile a cellular therapy was available for Heart Failure with good results” says David Melendez. In this regard, Dr. Bartolucci explains that “In the second year of treatment with Cellistem® IC, the ejection fraction improved from 22 to 52%. This significant result allowed David sufficient improvement to be able to access a kidney transplant”.

(El Observatodo).

Cellistem® OA

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a chronic inflammation of the joints, and is produced by cartilage damage, among other factors. Chile is the third country in Latin America with a higher prevalence of OA, with the knee being the most affected joint.

With the purpose of finding a new therapeutic option for this pathology, Cells for Cells developed Cellistem® OA, an allogeneic cell therapy that allows an 80% reduction of pain and a substantially improved joint function, compared to traditional therapy, both at 6 months and after a year of follow-up. Cellistem® OA is applied in a simple and ambulatory way, through an intra-articular infiltration.

These successful results are supported by the first Latin American study of Phases I/II, carried out entirely at the Universidad de los Andes Clinic by the Traumatology and Rheumatology team, led by physicians Dr. José Matas and Dr. Mario Orrego. To date, more than 40 patients with knee, hip, ankle and wrist OA have been treated with excellent results.

Dr. José Matas, besides being one of the leaders of the clinical study, suffers knee OA, so he decided to treat himself with Cellistem® OA therapy, and in this respect, he says that “the functional results are extraordinary, and besides I have no pain anymore”.