Clinical Trials – Bioengineering projects – Extra-cells products


Cells for Cells has a biotechnological portfolio including three therapies with Phase II validation completed and a Phase I / II study under development; a pre-clinical cell therapy technological portfolio, with three projects of innovation in bioengineering, linked to tissue printing, blood vessels biomanufacture and cellullar migration.

Clinical Trials


Phase I / II Clinical Study, in which umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells are used to treat lupus patients with kidney disease. The study is led by MDs Fernando Figueroa and Francisco Espinoza, both rheumatologists, together with an important scientific team.

Dental pulp

Phase I / II clinical study using umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells included in a biological matrix, in order to promote dental pulp regeneration in endodontic recovery processes. Project is led by Dr. Claudia Brizuela from Universidad de los Andes, together with the scientific and clinical team of Cells for Cells.

Bioengineering projects

Bioengineering of blood vessels

Cells for Cells bioengineering team developed a robot to obtain structures with similar characteristics of blood vessels. This project is currently on the in vivo testing stage on minor mammals, with the projection of conducting clinical studies in humans.


Together with researchers from Universidad de Los Andes, the bioengineering team of Cells for Cells developed a biocompatible material able to be used for human organs printing. Harvard Stem Cell Institute is an important collaborator to accelerate this project.


Based on the important correlation between cell migration and its therapeutic potential, as demonstrated by Cells for Cells bioengineering team, a device that assess cell migration and response to different stimuli was developed. This constitutes an important advance for the cell therapy industry, since it allows not only to assess cell viability, but also to know whether cells are active, having a real impact on patient’s health.

Extra-cell products


Cells for Cells research team members developed an efficient way to obtain exosomes derived from mesenchymal stem cells of menstrual fluid. The gathered exosomes possess unique features, being investigated for several applications. Among them, these exosomes have an anti-angiogenic effect on tumors. The use of exosomes for cancerous tumors treatment is still on early stages of development and is a promising revolutionary way to treat cancer worldwide.


In collaboration with Austrianova, the research staff of Cells for Cells achieved the encapsulation of cells so as to infiltrate them into the blood stream in order to secrete different molecules such as DNA and exosomes. This as an innovative and safer way to introduce cell therapy treatments on patients.