Mega showed the history of the Chilean fencer Rubén Silva

Rubén Silva opted by cell therapy. Four years ago, he began to suffer sporadic pains in his wrist that were presented in certain activities that required effort, something unexpected and decisive to practice the sport that he is passionate about and which he is one of the best exponents in Latin America, fencing. When the discomfort began to increase, he was diagnosed and treated with traditional therapies with which he only obtained partial results.

In 2015, during a trip to the United States, the pain prevented him from competing. Finally, at the end of that year he was diagnosed with a radiocarpal osteochondral lesion and osteoarthritis of the ulnar-distal area. Considering that it was an irreversible injury, with discomfort that continued to increase and that he was already 30 years old, Rubén thought about retiring.

Then, he decided to prove cell therapy that had been recommended. As a good doctor, he was informed about evidence level and without hesitation he placed himself in the hands of Dr. Sebastian von Unger, a traumatologist at the Clinic of the University of the Andes. “The discomfort began to decrease, slowly but progressively, which allowed me to train and achieve results that I had not achieved before”, emphasizes Rubén. “Now I am a South American champion and probably, without this treatment, I would have retired without being able to perceive this achievement”.

“Finally the therapy gave the results I expected, gave me a second air, and allowed me to continue enjoying this sport.”

In the press

Mega, highlighted the story of Rubén Silva, who like Rafael Nadal and Cristiano Ronaldo, cell therapy has been effective in recovering injuries.

Nueva Mujer magazine highlighted Miacell therapy

The therapy, developed by Cells for Cells, is highlighted as part of a story informing about new facial rejuvenation treatments with high technology. The story, says that the facial treatments destined to rejuvenate the skin are increasingly advanced and painless. Miacells stands out as a non-invasive procedure, which leaves no visible traces and allows the activities to be resumed on the same day – or maximum the day after – of the intervention.

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Cells for Cells’s clinical trial highlighted in El Mercurio

On December 26, the newspaper El Mercurio published a note about Cellistem®IC, our clinical trial of cell therapy with positive results for the treatment of heart failure.

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